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How to Connect Wyze with Google Home

What’s Google Assistant?

Google Assistant can be described as a voice service that is cloud-based from Google. It is integrated with Google Home, the Google Home app, allowing users to effortlessly and swiftly manage all smart devices in your Home. Connecting to your Wyze Cam via Google Assistant is as simple as asking an inquiry. Ask for assistance, and Google Assistant will respond instantly.

wyze google home

Wyze Cam and Google Home

The Wyze Cam devices are compatible with Google Home, but the process itself isn’t entirely seamless. The video may take up to fifteen minutes to loading, which could be a bit annoying. However, the entire process is likely to become more efficient and fluid with Wyze’s upcoming release.

wyze google home

Did you manage to connect Wyze Cam to Google Home? What issues did you have to overcome? Do you have any suggestions for novice users? You are welcome to discuss this and other topics in the comments below.

Set up of Wyze Cam

When you open your Wyze Cam packaging and look inside, you’ll discover that you have everything you require to start using it. There’s a USB cable, an outlet for the wall, an instruction manual, and a round metal plate with the glue strip (Wyze is secured to it by a magnet located on the bottom). First, you should do when getting the device unpacked is examine its back. There’s a tiny yellow light that is on a solid.

Please make use of the power cord and plug it into an electrical source. After connecting, the yellow light will begin flashing, signaling it is in setup mode. Wyze Cam is currently in configuration mode. Download the Wyze app from your smartphone’s designated store. Install it. After opening the app, you can register by going to your inbox for emails and confirming the registration. If everything is done correctly, then you’ll be able to see a big plus icon. Tap it

Are you able to add Wyze Cameras to Alexa?

In short, the short response to that question is “yes.” It is possible to add each Wyze camera you have and are using in the Alexa. So, you might think, why is this Information being discussed here instead of founding in the Wyze Cam user manual or having it mentioned on some of the commercials they air? The reason behind this is not known. Each Wyze camera can connect via Alexa, but certain aspects of this access are affected.

So, it could be that the men and gals of Wyze weren’t convinced that the feature was ready for widespread Google Home use. It could be that they wanted to test the camera and test the way it performs before unveiling the latest camera model, which would be completely capable of working with Google Home. In any event, adding this Wyze camera to Google Home is possible.

What Information does Google Assistant have access to?

The use of Wyze in conjunction using Google Assistant will give Google access to your camera’s name and live stream video displayed on the display that is displayed on your Google Assistant device. Wyze controls the page that authorizes this Wyze integration, and your account details and password will remain private with Google. The event videos triggered by sound or motion are stored on Amazon’s AWS cloud and can only be accessed through the Wyze application.

How do you make use of Wyze Cams in Connection with Google Assistant?

We provide the option to connect the Wyze Cams with Google Assistant’s voice control. Once you set it up, it is possible to instruct Google Assistant to show your camera’s Live Stream to any device that supports Chromecast. It is important to note that the Wyze Integration is currently only available, with Google Assistant is now only available in the USA.

Google Assistant with Wyze Cam

Google Assistant lets you manage the operation of your Wyze Cam across multiple device kinds. This includes voice-activated speakers (Google Home Mini or Google Smart Home Hub), Android phones, iPhones and vehicles that come with Android Auto, Android TV and other assistants from third-party companies. Built-in devices.

You can play your Wyze Cams via the Google Home Hub, an intelligent device with a built-in Chromecast or even a regular screen using the Chromecast dongle.

wyze google home

This allows you to control and integrate to your Wyze Cam v2 Pan Cam.

Please note at the moment; it is the case that this Google Assistant integration does not support the streaming of cameras into Google Home. Google Home App. We plan to add this feature soon. Keep an eye out.

Wyze integration with Google Assistant is available worldwide. Wyze integration into Google Assistant is available worldwide but currently only available within the USA. Important to note that the results might differ if you use Wyze integration outside the USA.

How do you join Google Assistant to your camera:

Install your camera using your Wyze app, and then name your camera.

Upgrade your Wyze camera’s firmware to the latest version. To do this, log into the live stream of your camera from the Wyze app. Click the icon to the upper right corner to open the camera’s Settings > Device Information> Update firmware

wyze google home

Download and set up the Home app created by Google

Start the Home app

Tap Add

Tap Set up device

Tap Works together with Google

Locate your Wyze Home list and sign in to your Wyze account.

Google Assistant will automatically sync your devices in your Wyze account here.

Add Wyze Google Home

Then, you can open then the Google Home app on your device. Be sure to select the House tab, which is usually in the lower-left corner on display. Find the Add button, and tap it. After that, select the Setup button. On this screen, you’ll find two choices: New devices as well as works with Google.

Tap the second option since the Wyze Cam is compatible with Google. This will open an inventory of all accessible smart devices for home use that are compatible with Google. Given that Wyze starts by introducing “w,” expect to locate the app at the end of the listing.

Scroll down the list until you arrive at that Wyze Home section. Click it. You will be taken to the Wyze application. If it is showing, Sign in to your new account if you are asked. After that, you’ll need to confirm that you’d like your Wyze Cam to be used by Google by pressing Accept.

Then it is happening. Your Wyze Home is going to be linked to Google Home. Google Home account. It may take a couple of seconds to complete, so please be patient.

Contrary to what you believe, the process of adding Wyze to the well-known Google Home is pretty straightforward and relatively easy. It requires some scrolling and selecting from time to time. However, the whole process of setting up will take just one or two minutes. That’s not even including how long it takes to complete the Wyze Cam setup. Before proceeding, you’re likely to have to set up the device in its entirety.

Proceed to add your Wyze camera to the list.

Move the extension for the plastic stand on the Wyze Cam’s bottom. You’ll find a button at some of its corners. Click the button, and you’ll hear a female voice saying it’s “Ready to connect.” Connect to your Wi-Fi connection via the phone, and you’ll see a QR code pop up on display. You can scan it using Wyze Cam, and you’ll hear a voice saying it’s been scanned and Was successfully read. Click the green button bottom of the screen, and allow the scan to end in a sequence.

How do you add the Wyze Cam into Google Home for voice control

Join with your Wyze or Google accounts for streaming camera footage to Nest displays. Part of the appeal in the intelligent Home lies in that devices from different companies can be seamlessly integrated.

For this instance, we’ll demonstrate how to connect the new Wyze Cam version 3 on the Google Home account. After you’ve done this, you’ll be able to request Google Assistant to ask Google Assistant to display a live video from the camera on your Google/Nest brilliant display or any TV connected to a Chromecast device.

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How to start by using Google Assistant: A complete guide

This could be beneficial since it will avoid going to your phone and accessing the Wyze application to monitor any security cameras. Instead, request Google to display live video on display closest to you. Multiple cameras can be added on Google Home (from a range of brands), and these steps work the same way for Wyze’s earlier Cam v2. Before we get to the point of starting, you’ll have to configure the Cam version 3 with the Wyze smartphone app (free available for iOS or Android). This is the case for all smart home devices, in which case they need to be configured by using the app of the manufacturer before adding the device to the Google Home or Amazon Alexa system. For more information on getting the Wyze Cam set up and how to use it, click here. Wyze Cam v3, the GearBrain review is available here.

After you’ve done that, you’ll need to join to connect your Google and Wyze accounts. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

Check that your smartphone and camera are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Start your Google Home app

Tap the + symbol from the upper left corner.

Click on the Set Up Device

Click on the second option. It’s called “Have something already set up?”

It is now time to search for the company that makes the device that, in this instance, is Wyze. After, follow the instructions displayed on the screen to connect the Google as well as Wyze accounts. This requires you to log into the Wyze account using your email username and password.

Last but not least, let Google access your Wyze devices list (that means it will be able to view all the devices on your Wyze device and use them to access Google Home). Google Home app).

Then, you can add the Wyze camera to Google Home. Now pick the Wyze camera you wish to include in Google Home, which in my case is the latest Cam version 3 named Back Yard Cam. You can add the camera to one of the rooms in Google Home. Google Home app, or create a brand new one. I started a room known as Back Yard and assigned the camera to it.

The camera appears now on the main screen for Google Home. Google Home app. From there, I can modify the name, Home, and room and unfollow my Wyze account on Google Home. The only thing that’s not available is to view the video feed from the camera.

To get this done, you must speak to the Google or Nest brilliant display or use the Google Assistant from any other device to display cameras on an Android TV television or television connected to a Google Chromecast dongle.

You can use your commands such as: “Hey Google, stream my camera” or “Okay Google, stream my camera on the living room TV.” This assumes that you have a Chromecast inside your Home that is named “Living Room TV’.

I discovered that I found Google Assistant to be quite insecure about how I described the camera. Even though it’s called Back Yard Camera, asking the Assistant on my Google Home display for this was not a success. Instead, I had to mention “Stream my camera,” and a live feed from the camera showed up.

Linking cameras to Multiple Rooms

If you’d like the Wyze camera(s) to be connected to the room, they’re in, and You can do so through Google Home. Google Home app. This is extremely useful, especially when your devices have already been linked to certain rooms. Start this app, and then scroll down to the bottom. Choose, for instance, the Wyze Cam located in a room designated as a “Kitchen.” Tap Kitchen, tap Home (Add an existing home), and then choose Home and tap Next.

Now, tap Move device. Choose Kitchen from the list, then click Next. If you have more Wyze cameras, continue to do similar things until you’ve correctly identified each of them. Now, ask Google assistance to stream you the footage of your Home’s Wyze Cam. The live footage from your Kitchen will begin streaming, but keep in mind that it could take longer than you’re used to on other devices.

Great!!! Now you can make use of the voice command feature to manage your devices at Home from Wyze.

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