Uncover the Superior Features of Sony Xperia XA2 Plus: A Comprehensive Review

Looking for a dependable smartphone with an impressive display and excellent camera? Check out the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus. This phone boasts an expansive 6-inch screen with minimal bezels, delivering a high-resolution viewing experience that’s both vivid and sharp. Whether you’re watching movies, scrolling through social media, or browsing the web, this smartphone won’t disappoint.

What’s more, its powerful processor ensures that everything you do on the phone runs smoothly and without interruption. But that’s not all; let’s delve deeper into what the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus offers.

Design and Display

In terms of design, the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus strikes a balance between form and functionality. Its sleek and elegant appearance with rounded edges and a flat back gives it a modern vibe that is pleasing to the eye. The device is also quite sturdy with a metal frame and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front, making it resistant to scratches and accidental drops.

The display on the Xperia XA2 Plus is equally impressive with a 6-inch Full HD+ resolution screen that displays sharp details and clear colors. Whether streaming videos or browsing the web, the display offers an enjoyable viewing experience. The phone also features a fingerprint sensor and headphone jack, which are becoming a rarity in newer models.

Overall, the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus has a striking design with a noteworthy display, making it a great choice for those in the market for a mid-range device.

Big screen, bigger body

When it comes to smartphones, bigger screens are all the rage nowadays, but it comes at a cost. The ever-increasing screen sizes have resulted in bulkier and heavier phones. That being said, manufacturers are still able to find ways to make their phones stand out visually.

The design and display of a phone are becoming more and more critical factors for consumers when making a purchase decision. The display has to be big enough to offer an immersive visual experience, while the design has to be sleek and attractive enough to warrant a second glance. The challenge for manufacturers is to strike a balance between the size of the screen and the overall form factor of the phone.

While big screens are great for reading, browsing, and watching videos, carrying around a bulky phone can be a hassle. Therefore, manufacturers are deploying innovative solutions to make devices lighter while maintaining their design appeal. Overall, the design and display are essential aspects of any smartphone, and manufacturers are continuously striving to provide an optimal balance between the two.

Sony Xperia XA2 Plus review

Fingerprint scanner placement

The placement of a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone is an important design consideration. For many years, smartphones had a physical home button on the front of the device that doubled as a fingerprint scanner. However, with the trend toward bezel-less displays, this design has become less common.

Manufacturers are now placing the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device or even under the display. While this can make it more difficult to unlock the phone with one hand, it also allows for a larger display area and a cleaner design. Some people find it more natural to reach for the fingerprint scanner on the back of the device, while others prefer it on the front.

Ultimately, the placement of the fingerprint scanner comes down to personal preference, but it is an important design consideration for smartphone manufacturers to keep in mind.

Camera and Performance

When it comes to the camera and performance of the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus, this device definitely delivers. The 23-megapixel rear camera captures sharp and vivid photos, even in low light conditions, thanks to its fast f/0 lens.

You can expect a natural color reproduction with a good contrast and detail. With the camera’s hybrid autofocus, you can easily and quickly capture moving objects without it being blurred. The camera also supports 4K video recording, which produces high-quality videos that are incredibly stable due to the phone’s EIS (electronic image stabilization) system.

On the other hand, the performance of the Xperia XA2 Plus is nothing short of amazing. It operates on Android 0 Oreo and is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset with an Octa-core processor.

It also has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage, which is expandable up to 400 GB via a microSD card. The processor and RAM combination provide a butter-smooth and snappy performance, making multitasking a breeze. Whether you’re browsing through social media, playing games, or watching movies, the Xperia XA2 Plus can handle it all with ease.

Overall, the Xperia XA2 Plus is an impressive device with an excellent camera and superb performance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a smartphone that offers both great features and performance in one seamless experience.

Improved 23MP back camera

The new Sony Xperia XZ boasts an improved 23MP back camera that takes stunning photos with exceptional clarity and definition. With its advanced features like the Predictive Hybrid Autofocus and 5-axis image stabilization, this camera can capture even the most challenging shots with ease. The Predictive Hybrid Autofocus helps you focus on your subject quickly, while the 5-axis image stabilization effortlessly reduces camera shake for perfect shots every time.

So whether you’re taking a beautiful landscape or capturing an action-packed moment, the new Sony Xperia XZ’s camera won’t let you down. Overall, the camera performance on this phone is on par with some of the top-performing mobile cameras out there, making it a great choice for anyone who takes their photography seriously.

Front-facing 8MP camera

When it comes to capturing memories on your smartphone, the front-facing 8MP camera on the latest device is a game-changer. With its exceptional performance, you can take stunning selfies and make high-quality video calls effortlessly. This camera uses advanced technology that allows you to shoot in almost any lighting condition and produce images that are sharp and clear.

The camera’s autofocus and face recognition capabilities ensure that your pictures come out perfectly every time. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, this camera is a must-have for anyone who wants to capture their life’s special moments. So, don’t wait any longer and get your hands on this phenomenal device with its front-facing 8MP camera.

You’ll be amazed by the quality of your shots and how easy it is to use!

Good overall performance

When it comes to smartphones, two of the most important features consumers consider are the camera and overall performance. Luckily, with the latest advancements in technology, you don’t have to settle for one or the other. In fact, many smartphones like the one we’re reviewing today offer exceptional performance and a high-quality camera.

The camera on this device is particularly impressive, with a variety of built-in features that allow you to take professional-quality photos and videos. One of the standout features is the burst mode, which allows you to take multiple photos in rapid succession, perfect for capturing those fast-moving moments that you don’t want to miss. Additionally, the low-light performance is exceptional, ensuring that you can get great shots no matter the time of day.

As for performance, this smartphone doesn’t disappoint. Switching between apps is seamless, and its fast processor ensures that you can use resource-intensive apps and games without any lag or stuttering. All in all, if you’re looking for a smartphone with a great camera and overall performance, this is definitely one to consider.

Battery and Features

In this Sony Xperia XA2 Plus review, let’s talk about its powerful battery life and cool features. The device is fueled by a massive 3580mAh battery that can easily last for a day with moderate usage. Thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge

0, the phone can juice up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes. Moreover, the XA2 Plus offers a 6-inch Full HD+ display, Snapdragon 630 processor, and 4GB/6GB RAM options. The device also comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that adds extra security to your device.

The camera setup is also impressive, with a 23MP rear snapper and an 8MP front-facing camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens. With its premium design and excellent performance, the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus is a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly smartphone with exceptional features.

Long-lasting battery life

One of the most important features in modern devices is undoubtedly their battery life. With so many of us relying on our devices for work, communication, and entertainment, having a long-lasting battery can be the difference between staying connected and being stranded. Fortunately, modern technology has come a long way in recent years, and many devices now feature powerful batteries that can last for hours or even days on a single charge.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other type of electronic device, having a strong battery can help you stay productive and connected for longer, without having to worry about constantly plugging in and recharging. So if you’re looking for a device that can keep up with your busy lifestyle, be sure to look for one with a long-lasting battery to help you stay connected and productive all day long.

AI features for camera and battery

In the rapidly advancing digital age, AI features are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the camera and battery functionalities. AI enabled cameras have become a standard feature in the latest smartphone models, providing image stabilization, facial recognition, auto-focus, and high-quality image processing. With these features, even amateur photographers can capture stunning photos and videos.

In addition, AI-enabled batteries in smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices can optimize power consumption, which increases the device’s lifespan and overall efficiency. This technology can help monitor and regulate battery usage, ensuring that the device is working optimally while improving its longevity. As AI continues to evolve, there will be more opportunities to integrate it into our everyday lives, thus making our devices even smarter and more intuitive.


After spending some time with the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus, we have to say that it is a truly versatile device that offers a lot of value for its price. The screen is vibrant, the camera takes excellent photos, and the battery life is impressive. While it may not have every feature that some high-end flagship phones offer, it certainly punches above its weight in terms of performance and functionality.

If you’re in the market for an affordable yet reliable smartphone that can do it all, the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus is well worth considering.”


What are the key features of the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus?
The Sony Xperia XA2 Plus boasts a 6.0-inch display, Snapdragon 630 chipset, 4GB/6GB of RAM, 32GB/64GB of storage, a 23-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 3580mAh battery.

Is the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus water-resistant?
No, the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus is not water-resistant.

What is the price of the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus?
The price of the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus varies depending on the market, but it is generally around $350-$400.

Can you expand the storage on the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus?
Yes, the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus has a microSD card slot that supports up to 400GB of additional storage.

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