The Ultimate Guide to Kohler Generators: Cost Comparison and Expert Reviews

Are you in need of a reliable backup power source for your home or business? Look no further than Kohler generators. These generators provide a reliable and efficient source of power during outages or emergencies, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted comfort. But how much do they cost? Well, it’s important to note that the cost of a Kohler generator can vary based on several factors, including the size and model you choose, as well as installation costs.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different factors that impact the cost of a Kohler generator and help you understand what to expect when investing in one. So let’s dive in!

Factors That Affect Kohler Generator Pricing

When it comes to Kohler generators, there are a few factors that can greatly affect their pricing. First and foremost, the size of the generator is a major factor. Larger generators that have a higher output capacity will naturally cost more than smaller ones.

Additionally, the type of fuel used by the generator can also impact pricing. Generators that run on diesel tend to be more expensive than those that run on propane or natural gas. Other factors that can impact the cost of Kohler generators include the level of automation and remote monitoring features, as well as any customizations or special requirements needed for installation.

While the cost of a Kohler generator can be a significant investment, it is important to remember that these generators provide reliable backup power for your home or business in the event of an outage, making them a valuable investment in the long run.

Generator Capacity

When it comes to purchasing a Kohler generator, one of the main factors that will affect the pricing is the generator’s capacity. This refers to the amount of power the generator can produce, measured in kilowatts (kW). Generally, the higher the capacity of the generator, the more expensive it will be.

This is because larger generators require more materials and components to build, making them more costly to manufacture. Additionally, higher-capacity generators may have more advanced features or technology that contribute to their higher price point. It’s important to consider your energy needs when selecting the capacity of your generator, as choosing one that is too small may not provide enough power during an outage, while one that is too large may waste energy and money.

By carefully assessing your power needs and selecting a generator with an appropriate capacity, you can get the best value for your money while ensuring reliable backup power.

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Fuel Type

Fuel Type When it comes to pricing Kohler Generators, several factors come into play, including the fuel type used. Kohler Generators are available in propane, natural gas, and diesel fuel types. Each fuel type comes with its benefits, and the price of the generator varies based on the fuel type.

Natural gas generators are the most affordable, while diesel generators are the most expensive. Propane generators are a mid-range option. The fuel type also impacts the installation process, maintenance costs, and fuel availability.

While diesel fuel may be more expensive, it is more efficient and provides more power than gasoline or propane. Additionally, propane generators may be cheaper, but they are less fuel-efficient, require regular propane refills, and are not suitable for extreme weather conditions. Ultimately, the fuel type plays a significant role in determining the price of a Kohler Generator, and it is important to consider all the options when choosing a generator that suits your needs and budget.

Installation Requirements

Kohler Generator Pricing When considering the pricing of a Kohler generator, there are several factors to take into account. One major factor is the installation requirements. The size and complexity of the installation process can significantly impact the cost of the generator.

Additionally, the location of the installation may also affect pricing. If the location is difficult to access or requires additional permits and inspections, the cost may increase. Another factor to consider is the specific needs of the customer.

Different models and sizes of Kohler generators may be required based on the individual needs of the homeowner or business. Ultimately, the final price of a Kohler generator will depend on a variety of factors, and it’s important to work with an experienced and reputable dealer to ensure the best possible pricing and installation process.

Average Kohler Generator Costs

When it comes to purchasing a Kohler generator, it’s important to understand the average costs associated with these top-of-the-line backup power systems. On average, Kohler generators cost around $4,000 to $20,000, depending on the size and power output you need for your home or business. While this may seem like a substantial investment, it’s important to remember that Kohler generators are designed to last for decades, providing you with reliable power backup in even the most extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, the cost of lost productivity, spoiled food, and potential property damage from power outages can quickly add up, making a Kohler generator a smart long-term investment for anyone who values dependable, uninterrupted power. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy, high-quality generator that can keep your home or business running smoothly no matter what, a Kohler generator is definitely worth the investment.

Residential Generators

Residential Generators If you’ve been considering investing in a residential generator, you may be wondering about the cost. On average, Kohler generators can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $24,000, depending on the size and model you choose. While this may sound expensive, a generator can provide peace of mind during power outages and can even add value to your home.

It’s important to keep in mind that the cost of installation will also need to be factored in, as well as any maintenance or repairs that may be required in the future. Ultimately, the cost of a Kohler generator will vary based on your specific needs and budget. If you’re unsure if a generator is right for you, consider speaking with a professional to assess your options and determine the best solution for your home.

Commercial Generators

Kohler generator costs can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the size and power of the generator and any installation or maintenance costs. On average, a Kohler residential generator can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000, with larger and more powerful units costing more. However, factors such as the complexity of installation and any additional features or upgrades can also impact the total cost.

It’s important to consider the specific needs of your home or business when choosing a Kohler generator and to work with a reputable installer to ensure that your investment is protected. While the initial cost may seem high, having a reliable and high-quality generator can save you significant time and money in the long run by providing backup power in the event of an outage or emergency. So, before making a decision on a generator installation, it is crucial to take into account not only the price tag, but also the reliability and long-term benefits of choosing a brand like Kohler.

Ways to Save on Kohler Generator Costs

When it comes to investing in a Kohler generator, cost can be a significant factor for homeowners. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can save on this expense without sacrificing quality or reliability. One option is to purchase a smaller generator that only powers essential appliances during a power outage.

This will be more affordable than a larger generator that can power your entire home and may not be necessary for your needs. Another way to save on Kohler generator costs is to shop around for the best deals and promotions from authorized dealers. You may also want to consider financing options that can help you spread out the cost over time.

Finally, proper maintenance and upkeep of your generator can help you avoid costly repairs and prolong its lifespan, ultimately saving you money in the long run. So don’t let the cost of a Kohler generator intimidate you; there are ways to make it a more affordable investment for your home.

Compare Multiple Quotes

When it comes to purchasing a Kohler generator, it’s always wise to compare multiple quotes to find the best deal possible. This is perhaps the easiest way to save on Kohler generator costs. By obtaining multiple estimates from different contractors or suppliers, you’ll be able to compare prices and choose the one that provides the most value for your money.

Additionally, you can ask each contractor or supplier about any discounts or promotions they may be offering at the moment. Don’t hesitate to negotiate to get the best price possible. Also, consider the cost of installation and maintenance when estimating the cost of Kohler generator ownership.

Remember, while it may seem tempting to go for the lowest bidder, you should also consider the reputation and experience of the contractor or supplier. Ultimately, by taking the time to compare multiple quotes, you can save a significant amount of money and get the best Kohler generator for your needs.

Consider Used or Refurbished Generators

When it comes to investing in a Kohler generator, there are definitely ways to save yourself some money without sacrificing quality and reliability. One thing to consider is purchasing a used or refurbished generator. While some people may shy away from the idea of buying something that’s been previously owned, many used generators are still in excellent condition and can be purchased at a much lower cost than a brand new model.

Refurbished generators are another option to consider, as they have been restored to like-new condition and often come with a warranty. When shopping for a used or refurbished Kohler generator, be sure to do your research and inspect the unit thoroughly before making a purchase. This can help ensure that you get a great deal on a generator that will provide you with reliable backup power for years to come.

Invest in Routine Maintenance

Investing in routine maintenance is key to saving on Kohler Generator costs. Regularly servicing your generator can prevent costly repairs and extend its lifespan. Simple things like changing the oil and air filters, checking the battery, and inspecting the fuel system can make a big difference in avoiding major breakdowns.

It’s also important to keep the generator clean and dry, protecting it from moisture and debris that can cause damage. By investing in routine maintenance, you can ensure that your Kohler Generator operates at its best, minimizing the risk of major repairs and saving you money. So, don’t neglect your generator and make sure you prioritize maintenance as a way to extend its lifespan and reduce unnecessary costs.


In the world of backup power solutions, a Kohler generator is a premium choice for those who demand the best. While their cost may be higher than other brands, the peace of mind and reliability they provide in times of emergency is priceless. And let’s be honest, when the lights go out, nothing beats having a Kohler generator to keep your gadgets charged, your appliances running, and your sanity intact.

So, if you want to be the envy of your neighborhood during a blackout, invest in a Kohler generator – it’s worth every penny!”


What is the cost of a Kohler generator?
The cost of a Kohler generator can vary depending on the size and model you need. Generally, smaller models can cost around $3,000 while larger models can cost upwards of $20,000.

Are Kohler generators a good investment for a home or business?
Yes, Kohler generators are a great investment for both homes and businesses. They provide reliable backup power in case of an outage, ensuring that your operations can continue even during an emergency.

What type of fuel do Kohler generators use?
Kohler generators can run on a variety of fuels including natural gas, propane, and diesel. The fuel type used depends on the specific model and application.

How long do Kohler generators typically last?
Kohler generators are built to last and can provide reliable power for many years with proper maintenance. The lifespan of a Kohler generator can vary depending on usage and maintenance practices, but many models can last 20-30 years or more.

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