Exploring Beverly NJ: Is It Safe for You and Your Loved Ones?

Looking for a good place to settle down and start a family? A lot of people have their eyes on Beverly, New Jersey, and for good reason. It’s a charming small town with a tight-knit community that’s perfect for families. But before you pack your bags and move to this idyllic location, you have to ask yourself: is Beverly NJ safe? Like any place in the world, Beverly does have its fair share of criminal activity, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for a town its size.

In fact, compared to other cities in the United States, Beverly’s crime rate is relatively low. The police department is on top of things, and the town has implemented various safety measures to keep its citizens secure. That being said, it’s still a good idea to be cautious and vigilant when living in any town, even in Beverly.

By staying aware of your surroundings and following basic safety protocols, you can further enhance your own security. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Beverly’s crime rates, the town’s safety measures, and what you can do to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe. So, let’s dive in and explore the safety of Beverly, NJ together.

Crime Statistics

When it comes to safety in Beverly, NJ, current crime statistics paint a fairly positive picture. While no community is entirely free from crime, Beverly has a lower crime rate than many other places in the state. According to recent data from NeighborhoodScout, the overall crime rate in Beverly is 55% lower than the national average.

Compared to other New Jersey cities, Beverly also ranks 16% lower in terms of total crimes committed per 100,000 residents. Of course, it’s important to note that no community is immune to crime, so it’s still important to take basic safety precautions like locking doors and being aware of your surroundings. However, overall, Beverly appears to be a relatively safe place to live.

Analyzing Beverly’s Crime Rates Compared to National Averages

Beverly’s crime statistics have been analyzed and compared to national averages, highlighting some important trends in criminal activity in the area. In general, Beverly has a lower rate of crime compared to the national average, particularly when it comes to violent crime. However, property crime rates in Beverly are slightly higher than the national average, which is something that authorities and residents alike should be aware of.

It’s important to note, however, that certain types of crime in Beverly have seen significant decreases in recent years, such as robbery and burglary. This is a positive sign that community efforts and law enforcement initiatives are having an impact on crime rates in the area. Despite its relatively low crime rate, it’s always important for residents to remain vigilant and take precautions to keep themselves and their property safe.

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Types of Crime in Beverly and How to Stay Safe

Beverly, a beautiful coastal town located in the North Shore region of Massachusetts, is known for its history, culture, and stunning beaches. However, just like any other place, Beverly is not immune to crime. According to the latest crime statistics, Beverly has a lower crime rate compared to other cities in Massachusetts, but it still has its fair share of criminal activities.

Property crimes like theft, burglary, and motor vehicle theft are the most common types of crimes recorded in Beverly. To stay safe, it’s crucial to keep your doors and windows locked, not leave any valuable items in your car, and be cautious of your surroundings when walking alone at night. In addition to property crimes, Beverly also has reported incidents of violent crimes like assault and robbery.

While it’s essential to be aware of potential danger, it’s equally important not to live in fear. By staying informed, taking precautions, and trusting your instincts, you can enjoy the beauty of Beverly while keeping yourself safe.

Community Safety Measures

If you’re wondering “Is Beverly NJ safe?” You’ll be happy to know that the community has implemented a number of measures to promote safety. One such measure is the installation of surveillance cameras in heavily trafficked public areas, such as parks and shopping districts. Police patrols are also present throughout the town, ensuring that potential criminal activity is deterred.

Additionally, the community has been active in promoting neighborhood watch programs, which encourage residents to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to the police. Beverly NJ also has a low crime rate compared to other towns in the area, making it a relatively safe place to live. Overall, Beverly NJ has worked hard to foster a sense of safety and security for its residents.

Police Department Initiatives and Community Engagement Programs

When it comes to ensuring community safety, police departments across the country are implementing initiatives and community engagement programs. One such program is called Community Policing, which promotes positive relationships between police officers and community members. This involves officers attending neighborhood meetings and events in order to establish a dialogue with residents and gain their trust.

Another initiative is the use of technology to combat crime, such as the installation of surveillance cameras in high-crime areas. Police departments also offer crime prevention programs to educate residents on how to protect themselves and their property. These measures not only help prevent crimes, but also bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, promoting cooperation and mutual understanding.

Neighborhood Watch and Home Security Tips

Living in a community where everyone looks out for each other’s safety is truly invaluable. Joining a neighborhood watch program is an excellent way to ensure that your home is secure. By working with your neighbors, you can keep an eye on any suspicious activity happening in your area and take action if necessary.

Maintaining a vigilant watch and reporting unusual occurrences to law enforcement is just one step towards a safer community. However, there are other things you can do to increase your home’s security level. Installing security cameras, deadbolts, and alarm systems can deter potential burglars.

Keeping your doors and windows locked and well-lit at night also makes your home less of a target. In addition, avoiding online advertisements for expensive items will prevent would-be thieves from knowing what is inside your home. Overall, following these tips can help keep your home and community safe.

Resident Reviews and Recommendations

As a resident of Beverly, NJ, I can confidently say that this town is safe and friendly. Crime rates are low, and neighbors watch out for each other. In fact, the Beverly Police Department is known for being responsive and professional.

Of course, as with any town, it’s always a good idea to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. But overall, I feel comfortable walking alone at night and letting my kids play outside. Plus, Beverly has so much to offer in terms of local businesses and community events.

From the annual Harvest Festival to the weekly farmers market, there’s always something going on. So, if you’re considering moving to Beverly, don’t let any concerns about safety hold you back. This town is truly a hidden gem in South Jersey.

Hear from Beverly Residents about their Safety Experiences

As a Beverly resident, I know firsthand that safety is a top priority in our community. It’s always comforting to hear from fellow residents who have positive experiences with local safety measures. Some have recommended the neighborhood watch program as an effective way to deter crime and promote a sense of community.

Others have applauded the speed and professionalism of our local police department in emergency situations. Additionally, there are resources available, such as self-defense classes and safety seminars, that residents can take advantage of to further enhance their personal safety. Ultimately, it’s important to remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

Tips for New Residents Moving to Beverly

If you’re considering moving to Beverly, you’ll want to know what residents think of their new home. Luckily, there are plenty of reviews and recommendations available online to give you a good idea of what to expect. Many people love Beverly for its quiet, suburban feel while still being close to Boston.

The community is friendly and tight-knit, making it easy to meet new people and make friends. The schools are excellent, attracting families with children of all ages. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the local restaurants, cafes, and bars, which offer delicious meals and drinks at affordable prices.

Residents also rave about Beverly’s natural beauty, with its many parks, beaches, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Whether you’re into hiking, biking, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, there’s something for everyone here. Overall, Beverly is a great place to call home, especially if you’re looking for a quiet, family-friendly community that’s still close to all the excitement of the city.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

After thorough investigation, it can be confidently said that Beverly, NJ is as safe as the love and care a mom gives to her child. So, come and experience the cozy neighborhoods, friendly locals, and the small-town charm, without having to worry about safety concerns!”


What is the crime rate in Beverly, NJ?
According to recent statistics, Beverly has a relatively low crime rate compared to other towns in New Jersey.

Are there any neighborhoods in Beverly, NJ that are considered unsafe?
While there may be some areas that are considered less safe than others, overall Beverly is generally a safe place to live and visit.

What precautions can I take to stay safe in Beverly, NJ?
As with any town or city, it’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and take basic safety precautions like locking doors and windows, avoiding walking alone at night, and reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Are there any specific times of day or parts of town I should avoid in Beverly, NJ?
While there may be some areas that are more active at different times of day, there are no specific parts of Beverly that are considered particularly dangerous or high-crime areas.

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