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How to Install Arlo Video Doorbell

The First Impressions

Its packaging seems designed to be functional, and, let’s say, it makes an impact. When you lift the lid, the first thing you’ll see is the product itself on the white backdrop. how to install arlo video doorbell – There’s something to be said for the introductory presentation, and Arlo truly nails it.

Arlo Doorbell inside Box Underneath We found everything we needed for installing the doorbell, including power kits, mount plates and the accessories and a couple of extension wires in case we required the extra wire extenders.

The device is slimmer and less slender than the more bulky doorbell designs of Ring. We were impressed by the modern look that its edges are rounded, and many video doorbells appear like bricks. Even in the wireless model, Arlo has managed to create a rechargeable battery compact enough to sit behind the doorbell quite quickly so that it all lines up well with our door frame.

How to Install Arlo Video Doorbell

how to install arlo video doorbell – We were worried about the installation process, which could be problematic. It is essential to note this: our Arlo doorbell we selected must be wired, hardwired, and wireless. However, the wireless option could have offered us the opportunity for battery-only or hardwiring for $50 more, Of course.

Apart from the savings, it meant we knew that we needed to complete some (effortless) electricity-related work. You must always be cautious while working on electricity because If something goes wrong, you could be in for a surprise! Fortunately, our worries were allayed by Arlo’s step-by-step walkthrough.1 Their quick-start guide did not contain a number of details; however, the application did. After the standard procedure of registering (entering your name and email address, etc. ), We were then greeted with a warm welcome from Neal Skura, Arlo’s senior product manager and announced an introduction video of five minutes while you might be tempted to skip the video. We strongly recommend watching the entire video, mainly if this is the first time you’ve used an electronic doorbell, in particular when it is your first time using an electronic. Skura explained the steps, explaining precisely what we needed and what to be expecting.

Arlo App Installation Once we had watched this video application guided us through the installation step-by-step and gave us handy diagrams. First, we had to connect the power kit onto our existing chime, after which we just changed our doorbell to the Arlo.

The power kit was located inside the box that lies beneath the unit. It’s an oval of white with two wires running from it. The app informed us that this was required to connect to our chime box and helped us locate it. It said it’s typically near the door or an adjacent hallway. After discovering the package, we were instructed to shut off the electrical power by turning off the switch.

Pro Tips: 

how to install arlo video doorbell, it required an electric drill, a flat head, and a Phillips head screwdriver as along with some painter’s tape. If you don’t own an electric drill, you’ll need to borrow one or buy one.

Exceptionally if it may be the first time using an electronic doorbell, especially if this is your first time installing an electronic, however, you need to ensure that everything is gone. We recommend turning off the breaker and then trying to ring the old doorbell. If it doesn’t sound, then there’s no power to the doorbell. If you’re anything like us – you could shut off electricity to the whole home to make sure. Did we mention we’re very cautious when working with electricity?

When the power was off and the chime off, we followed the steps in the app to get the power kit set up. We removed the housing of our chime, and then matched our wiring configuration with one of the available options. We then pinpoint precisely where to connect to the connectors and where to place the power unit with adhesive. We followed the instructions so that we didn’t put it in a place that could affect the doorbell’s operation.

Chime Box installation Side angle Then was to unhook the old doorbell before installing our new Arlo. The disconnecting of our previous doorbell was as simple as taking off a couple of screws and disconnecting two wires. Easy enough.

Pro Tips: You don’t want the wires to go into the wall. If they fall, removing them is a significant hassle. We’ve been there! Don’t stress yourself and secure the wires to your door frame after taking down your old doorbell.

Following the app’s directions, We put the face in place by screwing it in the door frame using the supplied hardware and the doorbell was connected by connecting our two wires to Arlo’s connectors. Make sure you secure them properly; otherwise, you risk not connecting them after you insert the unit into the plate for mounting.

The wires that connect with our Arlo Doorbell. It’s worth pointing out that we were amazed by the strength of the Arlo doorbell was. While the doorbell itself and the bracket for mounting are made of plastic, it would require a lot of determination for a burglar to take out of it.

After we were sure that everything was installed correctly and in place, it was time to switch the power off and connect an Arlo connected.

Did you know: Even though the Arlo is intended to be DIY-friendly, it has also teamed up with HelloTech to aid more novice homeowners to install the products. If the thought of wiring makes you nervous, don’t worry – they’ve come through for you.

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Setup and use Arlo

After the unit was powered on, we were asked to place a QR code before the Arlo to connect it to our mobile. However, we were informed that the app required us to be connected to the router’s 2.4 GHz channel. This is the only wireless network that the Arlo will be able to connect to. Remember that even though 5-GHz is the channel that generally has faster speeds, 2.4 GHz offers a more comfortable time traversing barriers and other types of material and provides a more pleasant experience overall. Experience.3 Arlo Doorbell When it was connected, we were asked to choose a name for the device. We decided on “Front Door” as we were not having a great time that night. Then, the auto firmware update started, which took around five minutes after testing to ensure that it was functioning via the application, and then we went to the races.

Did you know: Similar to Lorex’s new video doorbell, the Arlo lets you toggle your chime’s tone between “mechanical” or “digital.” Choose mechanical if you would like the doorbell to work in a traditional way when you press the button, and immediately you start hearing “ding-dong.” If you select digital, it will let you set a delay up to 10 seconds between pressing the button along with the sound.

When we purchased the product, Arlo offered a three-month trial to Arlo Smart. This subscription service allows 30 days of cloud-based recording and some of the advanced features such as the ability to detect objects, e911 and customizable zones for activity. When the trial period has ended, the price is just $2.99 each month. We suggest subscribing for a long time to keep using certain unique features.

Essential Functionality

At the very beginning, we were delighted with the performance of Arlo. It was highly responsive, and the audio and video quality were of a high standard. It’s not the high-definition resolution, 1920 x 1440 pixels of the August doorbell video; however, the explanation of 1536×1536 is certainly adequate for the task, and it does so with a high degree of reliability. According to us, this reliability is more crucial than the ability to read the tracking number of a package left upon your front door.

We certainly could look at our packages, but. A stunning 180-degree angle of view allowed us to see almost everything right in the area in front of our doors. Even when we needed to mount the Arlo at the place where our doorbell had been located on the left of the door closest to the wall, its large field of view could capture all the action happening at a glance.

Arlo Doorbell Video Quality We were also highly impressed by the two-way talk feature of the Arlo and even more amazed with the way we used it. If a guest called our doorbell, our phone would ring. This means no more missed notifications by push! We responded utilizing the app, and instantly we were in a live view and conversing with our guests. While there was a bit small amount of delay, this is normal for every doorbell.

Arlo Doorbell Call Live view feature and the talk function were very effective. When we opened the application, in just one click, we were watching and listening to the live feed coming off our door in moments. While we tested using the Arlo video doorbell, the HOA sent an employee to fix the tile on our stairs. By using the talk feature of Arlo, we could ask the person what time it would take for the tile to be set without getting away from our couch (or ruin his work! ).

In addition to the work we did – we discovered the notifications we received were vibrating in a flurry throughout the day due to Tile Guy. We were delighted to learn that Arlo allowed us to turn off notifications for between 30 minutes to 24 hours with only a few clicks. But don’t worry; even if notifications are turned off, Arlo will still record any movement for later analysis. It is also possible to turn it off in silent mode and quickly disable the device entirely with two clicks to ensure complete security.

The Arlo Mute Notification

Additional Features

We found that the fundamental everyday functioning of the Arlo was very well-functioning; however, what about all those exciting extras and bonus features that the box promises? We looked them over individually to determine whether they enhanced the performance of the Arlo or were mere tricks. Although they were straightforward to set up and use in reality, their advantage was mixed.

Areas of Activity: Arlo offered us the possibility of creating what they call “activity zones.” They were boxes that we could draw on the camera’s view to block out areas we didn’t want motion alerts. It’s an interesting concept; however, it turned out to be somewhat unneeded for us. However, we can see this as an appealing feature for those who live on the highway with lots of people walking through.

Arlo Doorbells Activity Zones Smart Notifications We found this very interesting. When smart notifications are activated, the motion detector of the Arlo distinguishes between cars, people, animals, or other types of motion. While it does record all movement but it only sends notifications when specified categories are activated. Ours was set only to inform us when individuals were identified, and we weren’t dissatisfied.

Arlo App Notifications Quick Response Messages:

 This is an intriguing feature we think you’ll enjoy. Instead of being required to answer the doorbell whenever a guest came in, Arlo gave us the option of playing various pre-recorded messages, including “Can I assist with your request?” “Not interested,” and “We’ll be here.” The male voice sounds natural and significantly more courteous than we would be if a door-to-door vacuum salesman or a shady stranger came in. In all seriousness, the introverts inside us were delighted thanks to this feature.

Arlo Command Prompts to Detect Packages This feature is built-in in the Arlo but needs an Arlo camera, similar to the Arlo Ultra Pro 3, Pro 3, Pro 3, or the Arlo Go. When installed above the door, the camera above will notify the user that the package has been delivered. For the sake of scientific research, we attempted to make this feature functional with just the doorbell that was installed, but we failed. This is a great feature, but you’ll need the right equipment for the quality.

Arlo package Detection Alarm: 

As we were thinking, this was very cool and enhanced the Arlo from being a video doorbell into a simple home security system. In the upper right-hand corner of the home screen, you will see an orange button. When we clicked the red button, we got directed to dial e911, call an acquaintance, or set off the siren. The second and third options require setting up by entering an address for the first option and entering details for the second. The third option triggered an alarm that sounded similar to a warning for a car. While it’s not nearly the volume of notice for vehicles, we believed it was sure to alarm anyone doing nothing.

The Arlo Doorbell Call Options Take be aware of, however. The box states that the device includes “Tamper detection.” This may be a bit misleading as you’ll have to manually set the alarm when someone tries to steal your device.

The call-a-friend function worked well. However, we decided not to try the e911 feature. The Arlo website states that when users typically dial 911, it connects you with the nearest dispatcher to the location from which you placed the call. However, using the e911 function means you’re bound to the nearest dispatcher to the address you’ve entered in the application. It’s a great thing if you have to call authorities while far from your home.

This is a great function, according to us and, instead of wasting the time of a first responder performing an exercise in the first place, we decided to accept the word of their mouth and believe it.4 Pro Tip: Make sure to set up this feature before when you’ll need it. It isn’t a good idea to stumble in an emergency.

A Quick Introduction to The Arlo Application

In truth, there are no significant disadvantages to highlight here. The Arlo app was easy to use and, at times, even beautiful because of its simplicity. The team at Arlo has made user-friendly a critical factor throughout the process of designing. We also enjoyed the many possibilities we could modify our Arlo to our requirements. It was easy to manage alerts, switch the sensitivity of motion, and even establish schedules to allow and detach the device in a controlled manner. With the many available possibilities, it became simple to configure the Arlo function to be most suitable for our needs.

Arlo App Dashboard


Are you looking to make the most from the Arlo Video Doorbell? The company has a variety of options to make it even better. This is great if you have a larger house or you want to check what’s happening at various entrances. Video doorbells and security cameras are great options to stop criminals from attempting to enter your home and aid police in their investigation if they do.5 For the camera for doorbells, Arlo’s wireless doorbell is a slightly expensive cost at around $200. However, keep in mind that you’re skipping most of the trouble of wiring it with its integrated rechargeable battery. Should you be willing to spend the extra money to avoid any hassles, you could consider it worth the cost. Arlo doorbell is well worth the price.

Arlo Essential Wired Doorbell HD with HDR 360-degree doorbell cam (hardwired)$149.99
Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera1 Pack – Wireless Security, 1080p Video, Color Night Vision, 2 Way Audio, Wire-Free, Direct to WiFi No Hub Needed, Works with Alexa$199.99
Arlo Pro 42K HDRwith 180-degree security camera (no hub required)$179.99
Arlo Ultra 24K HD 360-degree security camera$299.99
Arlo Pro 3 in 2KQHD security camera with a 180-degree angle.$199.99 (2 cameras)
Arlo Essential1080p with 130 degrees of security camera$199
Arlo Goa portable LTE-connected security camera349$ (1 camera)

What do I need to know about how to set up my Arlo Essential Video Doorbell?

It is necessary to use the Arlo application to set up the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell. You can also read this article to get an explanation of the procedure for installing.

What do you require

how to install arlo video doorbell- after purchase, To set up the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell with Wired, you will require the following components:

The contents of the box. They are listed in this quick-start guide.

The Arlo app

A screwdriver

(Optional) Power drill

Before you begin

Before installing the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell:

Check that your power is off at your breakers.

Check that you have everything that you’ll need in the “What you’ll need section.

Set up your doorbell

This Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is a replacement for your doorbell. You will need to be able to connect the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell to the 2.4GHz wireless network.

To connect the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell with Wired:

The doorbell you have installed must be removed from the wall.

Remove the wires from the doorbell you have currently installed.

Be sure that the wires aren’t buried in the wall when removing them from the existing doorbell. You can temporarily attach the cables to the wall to stop this.

Set up the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell using or without the wedge for mounting provided in the box.

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