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How to Connect My Tv to Wifi Without a Remote

If your TV does not have a built-in WiFi capability, you will need to connect it to your wireless router with an Ethernet cable. Once the TV is connected to the router, you can use the TV’s remote control to access the internet.

  • Download and install the Tv remote control app on your smartphone
  • Open the app and select the “Connect to TV” option
  • Enter the code shown on your TV screen into the app
  • Select the type of connection you want to use (WiFi or Bluetooth)
  • Follow the instructions on your phone to connect to your TV’s WiFi network or pair with it via Bluetooth

How to connect your LG smart tv to WiFi with no remote.

How to Connect Roku Tv to Wifi Without Remote

If you’ve lost your Roku remote or it’s not working properly, you can still connect your Roku TV to Wi-Fi without it. Here’s how:

1. On your Roku TV, go to the Home screen and select Settings.

2. Scroll down and select Network.

3. Select Set up connection.

4. Select Wireless (Wi-Fi).

5. Choose the network name (SSID) of your wireless router and enter the password for that network when prompted.

How to Connect My Tv to Wifi Without a Remote


How Can I Connect My Phone to My Tv Without Wifi And Remote?

Assuming you would like to know how to connect your phone to your TV without WiFi or a remote, there are a few different ways you can do this. One way is to use an HDMI cable. If your phone has an HDMI port, you can simply connect one end of the cable to your phone and the other end to your TV.

Another way is to use a wireless display adapter. This option is good if your TV does not have an HDMI port. You would connect the wireless display adapter to your TV and then pair it with your phone using Bluetooth.

How Do I Manually Connect My Tv to Wi-Fi?

If your TV doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect it to your home network using an Ethernet cable. Most new TVs come with Ethernet ports, and older TVs can be connected using a USB to Ethernet adapter. Once your TV is connected to the internet, you’ll be able to stream movies, TV shows, and music from various online services.

To manually connect your TV to Wi-Fi:

1. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the back of your TV.

2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your router or modem.

3. Turn on your TV and go to the settings menu.

4. Select “Network” or “Internet” (the name may vary depending on your model).

5. Select “Wireless” (again, the name may vary).

6. Select “Scan for Networks.” This will display a list of available networks in your area.

7. Select the SSID (network name) of your home network and enter the password when prompted.

How Can I Access My Tv Without a Remote?

There are a few ways that you can access your TV without a remote. One way is to use the buttons on the TV itself. Most TVs will have a power button, volume up and down buttons, and channel up and down buttons.

You can also usually access menu options by pressing the Menu button on the TV.

Another way to access your TV is through a universal remote. Universal remotes are devices that can be programmed to work with multiple types of TVs.

They typically have all of the same functions as a regular remote, but they may require some additional programming in order to work with your specific TV model.

How Can I Connect My Roku Tv to Wifi Without a Remote?

If you’ve lost your Roku remote, or it’s damaged and needs to be replaced, you may be wondering how you can connect your Roku TV to WiFi without a remote. The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to do! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Roku TV to WiFi without a remote:

1. First, make sure that your Roku TV is powered on.

2. Then, open the menu on your TV and navigate to the ‘Settings’ option.

3. Select ‘Network’ from the Settings menu.

4. Select ‘Wireless’ from the Network menu.

5. Now, select the name of the wireless network that you want to connect to from the list of available networks. If prompted, enter the password for the network and select ‘Connect’.

6. Once connected, your Roku TV will automatically search for and install any updates that are available for your device. After the updates have been installed, you should be able to use all of the features of your Roku TV as normal – including streaming content over WiFi!


It is possible to connect a TV to WiFi without a remote, but it may be more difficult than using a remote. If you are having difficulty connecting your TV to WiFi, you may want to try using a different method, such as an Ethernet cable.

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