Exploring the Efficiency and Benefits of Running Generac on Propane: A Comprehensive Guide


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Have you ever wondered how you can power your home during an unexpected power outage? With the unpredictability of weather patterns and natural disasters, it’s important to have a reliable source of energy to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable. This is where a Generac generator comes in handy. But did you know that Generac and propane make the perfect match? When it comes to fueling your generator, propane is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons.

In this blog, we’ll explore why propane is a great option for powering your Generac generator and how it can benefit you in the long run. So, sit back and let’s dive into the world of propane-powered Generac generators!

What is Generac?

Generac is a well-known brand in the power generator market. They offer a range of generators that can run on various types of fuel, including propane. Propane is a popular choice for powering generators as it is readily available and burns cleaner than gasoline.

The Generac propane generators are designed to provide reliable backup power during power outages or in areas where electricity is limited. These generators are equipped with automatic transfer switches, which means they can switch on automatically when the power goes out. This ensures uninterrupted power supply without any manual intervention.

So, to answer the question, yes, Generac generators can run on propane, making them a convenient and affordable option for powering homes and businesses.

Explanation of Generac and its usage

Generac is a brand that specializes in producing backup power generators. These generators are designed to be reliable and efficient in providing emergency power in the event of a power outage. Generac generators can run on different types of fuel such as natural gas, propane gas, or diesel.

The generators come in different sizes and powers, from smaller ones that can power a few essential items to larger ones that can power an entire house or business. Generac is a popular choice for homeowners, businesses, and organizations that prioritize power backup systems. Additionally, Generac generators are user-friendly, with an automatic switch that transfers power from the grid to the generator in case of an outage.

The brand has been providing backup power solutions for over 60 years and is known for its durable and long-lasting generators. So, if you’re looking for a reliable backup power solution, Generac is definitely a brand to consider.

does generac run on propane

Propane 101

Yes, Generac does run on propane. Propane is actually a popular alternative to natural gas and diesel for powering generators. It’s cleaner burning and more efficient than gasoline or diesel, making it an excellent choice for environmentally friendly backup power.

Propane is also more readily available and easier to store than gasoline or diesel, making it more convenient during times of power outages. Generac offers a range of propane-powered generators in various sizes and configurations to fit your specific needs. Whether you need a standby generator for your home or a portable unit for camping or outdoor events, Generac has you covered.

Plus, with propane, you can rest easy knowing you’re using a reliable and versatile fuel source that’s both affordable and efficient.

Explanation of Propane and its benefits

Propane 101: Understanding Propane and its Benefits Propane gas, also known as liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, is a versatile and efficient source of energy that is widely used in households and businesses worldwide. It is a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas that is compressed into a liquid form for easy storage and transport. Propane is derived from natural gas processing and crude oil refining and is considered a cleaner and more eco-friendly alternative to other fossil fuels.

One of the main benefits of propane is its versatility. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including heating, cooking, hot water, and even powering vehicles and generators. Many homeowners prefer propane-fueled appliances as they are more energy-efficient than their electric counterparts, providing significant cost savings in the long run.

Another key advantage of propane is its high btu content, or heat output per unit of fuel. This means that it can produce more heat with less fuel, making it an excellent choice for large commercial or industrial heating needs. Propane is also an incredibly safe and reliable fuel source, with strict safety regulations and testing protocols in place to ensure its safety.

Overall, propane is a cost-effective, efficient, and eco-friendly source of energy that offers numerous benefits to homes and businesses worldwide. From heating to cooking to powering vehicles, propane is a versatile and reliable fuel source that is worth considering for your energy needs.

Generac and Propane: The Benefits

Yes, Generac generators can run on propane gas, and there are many benefits to using propane as a fuel source for these generators. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel, so it’s better for the environment. It’s also more efficient than gasoline, which means you’ll get more power from each gallon of fuel.

Another advantage of using propane is that it’s easily stored in tanks, so you can have a ready supply of fuel on hand. Additionally, propane is less flammable than gasoline or diesel, making it safer to use and store. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient backup power source for your home or business, a Generac generator that runs on propane could be a great choice.

Advantages of using Propane with Generac

Propane and Generac Generators If you’re considering purchasing a Generac generator, you’ll definitely want to consider using propane as the fuel source. There are many advantages to using propane with Generac generators. Firstly, propane is a cleaner burning fuel compared to gasoline or diesel fuel.

This means that there is less harmful emissions released into the environment, which is better for your health and the planet. Secondly, propane is more affordable compared to other fuels, and it is also widely available. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective option.

Lastly, propane is safer to store compared to gasoline or diesel fuel because it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and doesn’t ignite as easily. This ensures that your Generac generator will operate safely and efficiently. Overall, using propane as the fuel source for your Generac generator is a smart choice that has many advantages.

Saves money and the environment

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional power sources, propane is an excellent choice. When you pair propane with a Generac generator, you have a system that’s both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel, making it better for the environment.

Generac generators are made to run on propane, making it easy to switch to this clean energy source and reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, propane is much more affordable than other fossil fuels, saving you money in the long run. With rising energy costs, propane is a wise choice, and with Generac’s propane-powered generators, you’ll have reliable power without harming the environment.

Overall, Generac and propane are a great match for those looking to reduce their energy costs and environmental impact.

Easy to store and transport

When it comes to storing and transporting your power source, propane is an excellent choice for a number of reasons. One of the main benefits of using propane is how easy it is to store and transport. Unlike other fuel sources, propane tanks can be stored in a variety of different locations, such as garages and sheds.

They are also easy to move around thanks to their compact size and convenient carrying handles. This makes propane an ideal solution for those who need backup power at locations that may not have easy access to a power grid or other fuel sources. With a reliable generator powered by propane, you can be sure that you’re prepared for any unexpected power outages or emergencies that may arise.

So, whether you’re planning a camping trip or simply looking for a reliable backup power source for your home, propane-powered generators offer a range of benefits that are hard to beat.

How to Convert Generac to Propane

If you’re wondering whether your Generac generator runs on propane, the answer is yes, it does. But what if you prefer to use propane instead of natural gas as fuel? You’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to convert your Generac generator to propane. The process involves installing a conversion kit that will allow the generator to use propane instead of natural gas.

The conversion kit usually includes a propane regulator, fuel lines, and fittings. It’s important to note that the conversion process should only be done by a licensed professional who is familiar with the process. Also, keep in mind that the type of propane you use can affect the performance of the generator, so it’s best to consult with the manufacturer or a licensed professional to ensure that you’re using the right type of propane.

Step by step guide on converting Generac to Propane

Converting your Generac generator to propane can be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save some money on fuel costs. Luckily, the process is not as complicated as it may seem. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to convert Generac to propane.

First, turn off your generator and disconnect any propane tanks. Then, locate the carburetor and remove it from the generator. Next, install the propane regulator onto the carburetor, making sure that everything is securely attached.

After that, connect the propane supply line to the regulator and the generator’s fuel inlet. Ensure that all connections are appropriately tightened. Turn on the propane supply, and test for any leaks by spraying a propane leak detector around the connections.

Once you have confirmed that there are no leaks, turn on your generator and let it run on propane for a few minutes to ensure that everything is working correctly. Check the spark plugs and make the necessary adjustments if the engine is misfiring. Finally, adjust the fuel-air mixture to optimize your generator’s performance while using propane.

You may need to experiment a bit to get the perfect balance between propane flow and air intake that’s ideal for your specific generator model. With these instructions, you can convert your Generac generator to propane quickly and easily. It’s an eco-friendly alternative that can make a significant impact on your energy consumption, and it can save you some cash while you’re at it!


In conclusion, it’s not whether Generac runs on propane or not. It’s the fact that it provides backup power solutions for your everyday needs. So whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman, a homeowner or a business owner, you can rest assured that with Generac, you’ll have a reliable power source when you need it the most.

And yes, Generac does run on propane, but more importantly, it runs on excellence and innovation. So go ahead and power up with confidence with Generac.

Final thoughts on using Propane with Generac

Converting your Generac generator to run on propane is a great option for homeowners looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. The process is relatively simple but should be done by a qualified technician to ensure it is done correctly. The conversion kit comes with everything you need to make the switch, including a regulator, fuel hoses, and a carburetor spacer.

The benefits of using propane include lower fuel costs, cleaner emissions, and longer engine life. Plus, propane is more versatile and easier to store than gasoline. So if you’re looking for a sustainable and affordable power solution for your home, consider converting your Generac generator to run on propane.


Can a Generac generator run on propane?
Yes, Generac generators can run on propane as well as natural gas.

Will using propane affect the performance of my Generac generator?
No, using propane as a fuel source will not affect the performance of your Generac generator.

How does using propane compare to using natural gas in a Generac generator?
Propane burns cleaner than natural gas and is more easily stored, making it a preferred fuel source for many Generac generator owners.

Is it cost-effective to use propane in a Generac generator?
Yes, propane is often cheaper than gasoline or diesel and can be more cost-effective in the long run for powering a Generac generator.